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Purpose of Webinars                                                                                   

With small cell deployment legislation passing in 20 states and the recent Federal Communications Commission's streamlining small cell deployment ruling and with more bills coming down the pipeline early next year, SmartWorks Partners is now hosting a Nationwide Small Cell Legislation Webinar Series.

While we are FOR the technology, we are opposed to the way carriers and federal bureaucrats are seeking to bypass municipalities' local authority when it comes to what is being placed in their ROW and forcing cities to accept less than fair market value for collocation to their assets. 


Our goal in providing these presentations is to unite cities from all across America to be a part of the conversation, understand how these rulings and legislation will negatively impact municipalities, and identify best practices in moving forward to protect cities' ROW. 

  What Are Small Cells?   

What We Will Discuss

30 min. presentation + 30 min. q&a

1.  Look at what small cells are and how they function

2.  Three-pronged legislation attack

3.  Overview of state legislation and recent FCC rulingss

4.  Cities' Voices Matter

5.  Next Steps

6.  Q&A Session


Angela Stacy SmartWorks Partners

Angela Stacy

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, SmartWorks Partners

Angela serves as a member of the Federal Communications Commission's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (FCC's BDAC). She votes in alignment with the other municipality representatives and is FOR local control in cities/towns. 

She has been invited to speak at Next Century Cities and NATOA events along with several local city council meetings. As of recent, she partnered up with the National League of Cities to present a webinar concerning the FCC Streamlining Small Cells order.

Guest Speakers

Based on availability, we will include guest speakers that represent municipalities or those from the public and private sectors that have an in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry and small cell technology.

Upcoming Presentations                                                                           

No upcoming events at the moment

Frequently Asked Questions                                                                    

Q: Who can register for the webinars?

A: This webinar series is only available to municipality representatives. Registration is closely monitored. 

Q: Is attendance free?

A: Yes, there is no fee to participate! 

Q: Can I attend more than one presentation?

A: Yes, there is no limit. We try to provide an assortment of dates and times to accommodate as many schedules as possible.

Q: What can SmartWorks Partners do for our municipality?

A: We can help your city create a smart city master plan that is curated according to your city's specific needs like streamlining your processes, aligning your ordinances, mapping your assets, establishing a fair market value, and an overall smart city program management. To discuss what we can specifically do for your municipality, contact us by clicking here.

While You Wait                                                                                              

Take some time to explore the free resources we offer to municipalities to keep you informed on the latest state and federal small cell/broadband bills, what's new with the FCC's BDAC, and our newsletters archive that is jam-packed with great information and news updates from the week. 

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