SmartWorks Partners is a full program management & advisory firm that works alongside municipalities to develop comprehensive broadband masterplans, planning tools, and process improvements that focus on economic and infrastructure development to drive smart city growth and private investment.

No two municipalities are the same. We will take the time to learn about your city's priorities and cultivate a plan made specifically for your local needs and concerns.

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Asset Mapping Analysis

Understand what your municipality owns, the condition of your assets, and how we can help your city generate new revenue streams by utilizing what you already own.

LED Streetlight Upgrade

Save money on energy costs and reduce energy used by upgrading to greener and cleaner lights that will brighten your city and keep everyone moving forward.

Fiber Network Expansion

Inventory and map municipality-owned fiber network to market leasing access to service providers for additional municipality revenue, cost savings, and economic development.

Wireless Connectivity

A smart city is a well connected city. Our team can create a plan to optimize your citywide services to better suit your constituents' needs while closing the digital divide. 


Sourcewell is a service cooperative that provides member-centered solutions that enable government, education, and nonprofit agencies to work more efficiently. They help these agencies save time and money with contract purchasing solutions that are solicited nationally. 

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