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Portland, Ore., Prepares for a Fight with the FCC Over 5G Ruling

(TNS) — The Portland City Council on Tuesday cleared the way for the city to sue the Trump administration over new rules kneecapping cities' ability to recoup fees from telecom providers. By its action Tuesday, the city council added Portland to a growing list of cities, primarily on the West Coast, that are preparing to fight Donald Trump's Federal Communications Commission over what officials view as a needless freebie to cable companies. "This is a property grab by the federal government," Mayor Ted Wheeler said at the Council meeting Tuesday, called last-minute to approve legal action. Telecom providers are hoping to deploy new 5G wireless technology in large American cities, promising s

On the smart city journey, everyone goes at their own pace

On the journey to become a smart city, some consider themselves to be far along, while others may feel they lag. At Smart Cities Week in Washington, DC, representatives from various municipalities, all in different stages of becoming a smart city, came together at the City Readiness Hub to share ideas, discuss best practices and advise each other. While everyone acknowledged they still have plenty to learn, and that every journey is far from "complete," several key themes emerged as city leaders reflected on their history and on what is to come. “At first I looked and thought, we’re so far behind, and we don’t know what we’re doing. But a lot of us, even though some of us are a little furthe

5G service rolls out — but not without controversy

Lampposts around downtown Los Angeles are being wired with fiber optic cable and shoebox-sized gadgets to beam the fifth and fastest generation of cellular data, known as 5G, into homes and mobile devices. This high-tech infrastructure build-out is the result of a deal between the city and Verizon — Los Angeles gave the wireless carrier a break on the fees for taking up space on streetlights in exchange for a package of amenities and services. Such arrangements are common nationwide, where local governments have long leveraged access to public property and rights of way as a bargaining chip to accomplish policy goals. But late last month, the Federal Communications Commission took the unusua

Seattle Prepares to Challenge FCC Over ‘Misguided’ 5G Order

Seattle officials announced Tuesday their intent to appeal in court a recent Federal Communications Commission order limiting local control over fifth generation wireless deployments, which they called "misguided" and "overreach." Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes criticized in a joint statement the recent rule pushed by the FCC’s Trump appointees. And they predicted it would fail to speed up 5G rollouts or expand access to high-speed internet, while forcing cities to subsidize providers’ use of public property. The order sets rigid permit approval timeframes for local governments, though it gives them time to change their procedures, and caps the fees they can charge provider

FCC Approves New Rule To Limit Local Authority In 5G Rollout

Although the Federal Communications Commission moved forward Wednesday with an order curtailing local governments’ authority to regulate the rollout of fifth-generation wireless, jurisdictions are now looking at months of uncertainty over when the new rules will be implemented. The rule sets strict approval times for governments to consider permits and caps the fees jurisdictions can charge providers. All major state and local organizations opposed the measure, despite its anticipated approval, and are expected to petition the FCC for reconsideration—possibly followed by lawsuits, said Angelina Panettieri, principal associate for technology and communications at the National League of Cities

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