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CNX And The City Of Knoxville Announce Agreement To Prepare For Small Cell Infrastructure

The City of Knoxville, Tennessee has selected CNX to provide wireless and telecommunications consultation services including: reviewing existing guidelines and regulations for small cell installations on city right-of-way, inventorying city owned assets, and creating a program to manage requests to attach to city owned infrastructure.

CNX Regional Director, Hunter Stuart said: "We are proud to partner with the City of Knoxville to help them prepare their city for small cell deployment. By taking steps to inventory their publicly owned assets and modernize their ordinances, the city will be well positioned to deploy 5G services more quickly."

In order to meet growing demand for wireless services, it is estimated carriers will seek to deploy hundreds of thousands of small cells in densely populated urban areas. These small cells can be installed on existing city owned infrastructure like light poles.

Work is already underway with the city staff to develop a comprehensive and equitable city-wide policy to help streamline requests for cell towers, micro-cells and distributed antenna systems on publicly owned assets. CNX has agreed to deliver a full plan to the City by March 31, 2018.

"The City of Knoxville will benefit from CNX's expertise," said Jim Hagerman, the City's Director of Engineering. " As telecommunication companies move forward with small cell installations, our emphasis is on Knoxville being a smart city. That means moving toward everyone having access to this new infrastructure, but installing it in ways that protect the interests of the city and the aesthetics of our neighborhoods."

About CNX:

As technology evolves we have strategically partnered with communities across the county to develop broadband masterplans to drive the cities of tomorrow forward.

CNX is transforming the broadband delivery model by bringing simplicity, speed, and transparency to outdated processes that hinder collaboration between cities and service providers. CNX offers your city a roadmap to long-term connectivity, growth, and sustainability for your fiber and wireless broadband needs.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Angela Stacy at 615-351-7555 or email at

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