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Village of the Branch, NY trustees look for way to restrict cell towers

Village of the Branch trustees are studying legislation to regulate cell towers.

“We’re evaluating what steps other municipalities have taken to put some level of control around the influx of cell towers,” Mayor Mark Delaney said. “They’re fine in commercial areas but can be a real eyesore in residential neighborhoods.”

The village has at least one cellular array on a commercial building off Route 111, and another is not far from the village on Terry Road, Delaney said.

A developer has proposed building a tower on West Main Street across from Stop & Shop in Smithtown, but earlier this month the Smithtown Town Council ordered an environmental impact study to be conducted before it would vote on the application.

A lawyer for the applicant and some area residents have said the tower would address annoying — and even dangerous — gaps in cell service.

But in the village, with an area of just 1 square mile, finding an appropriate location is difficult, Delaney said. “I struggle to think of where we could put one,” he said.

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