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CNX Awarded Fiber Broadband Development Contract for Warren County, KY

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Connected Nation Exchange (CNX) has been awarded a contract to work on behalf of Warren County, Kentucky to advance the county's goal to provide fiber-based broadband services throughout the county.

Under the contract, CNX will develop various technical and financial models to identify the best path for establishing public-private partnerships to invest in infrastructure and provide advanced broadband services to county residents, businesses and community anchor institutions such as schools, libraries, healthcare and public safety agencies.

The effort has been accelerated by the start of construction of the state's new "KentuckyWired" middle mile network, which will provide every Kentucky county more options to develop faster, cheaper high-speed networks locally.

"We're definitely ramping it up," remarked County Judge Executive, Mike Buchanon, in a Bowling Green Daily News article covering the action, "and what the state is doing is enabling us to proceed in a much more deliberate way than we've been able to in the past," he said.

KentuckyWired is the statewide network of fiber optic lines that will carry high-speed Internet into specific locations in every county. From that point, local private or public Internet service providers (ISPs) can lease affordable fiber access and connect their last-mile network to the KentuckyWired network to provide broadband to individual homes and businesses. Because KentuckyWired is an "open access" system, any ISP may lease fiber connectivity.

"Kentucky is unlocking the power of broadband statewide by unleashing public-private partnerships at the state and local levels," noted CNX Founder and CEO, Brian Mefford. "CNX is proud to be a part of this effort and we look forward to expanding on our work in each and every Kentucky community."

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