SmartWorks Partners Completes District of Columbia Streetlight Project

Las Vegas, NV: SmartWorks Partners completed a DDOT Streetlight Conditions Assessment Project with the District of Columbia in late November 2020. DDOT Streetlight Division advisor KPMG contracted SmartWorks Partners to perform a conditions assessment of existing streetlight infrastructure located primarily in the ROW throughout the District of Columbia. The assessment was conducted utilizing a pre-established ratings criterion, with prescriptive analysis for a variety of data points on asset features primarily located on pole infrastructure. It did not include a conditions assessment of existing wiring components.

The SmartVizion platform was utilized to provide a daily performance summary to the client by integrating data captures, mapping, auditing, workflows, data management, and document management.

Over 71,000 lighting structures along 1,392 road miles were assessed and rated within a six-month period. The structures’ ratings will be shared with interested service providers seeking to attach small cell infrastructure in the metropolitan area.

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